Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Global Integrity Report 2009 Launched

The Global Integrity Report 2009 has recently been launched. The Report is a tool for understanding governance and anti-corruption mechanisms at the national level.The Global Integrity Report mobilizes a highly qualified network of in-country researchers and journalists to generate quantitative data and qualitative reporting on the health of a country's anti-corruption framework. Each country assessment contained in the Global Integrity Report comprises two core elements: a qualitative Reporter's Notebook and a quantitative Integrity Indicators scorecard, the data from which is aggregated and used to generate the cross-country Global Integrity Index. To know more about the report click here.


  1. India's overall ranking is 70 which is 'moderate'. Concern has been raised about whistle-blowers. We have witnessed the plight of whistle-blowers in recent past where they have to even sacrifice their lives. CVC has been praised but is there any mention of RTI?

  2. Thanks for posting the Report. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Global Integrity's work or wish to collaborate in the future.

    Jonathan at Global Integrity